Kaitoke Pistol Club Inc.


President  Colin W 027 509 8954 (M) 526 3339 (W)
V-P Chris H 022 694 3092 (M)
Treasurer Peter D 021 244 5444 (M) 566 1339
Committee Shane 027 839 5325 (M)
Secretary Wayne C 027 422 1551 (M) 526 9250 (H)


 Email Kaitoke Pistol Club Inc.


KPC email Address

Note - only those email addresses the club enters into the system will be able to send or receive emails to the following groups. 

All Club members -  kaitokepistolclub@googlegroups.com

This first one goes out to all members, you can use it to ask a question, have something to ask, a suggestion for the committee or match directors or even something to sell (KPC related items) then feel free to post an email to this address.

The club will use this address to post notice to all members, ie upcoming shoots etc

Armourers -  kpc_armourers@googlegroups.com

If you want the armourers to bring a specific club gun to an event (we have 4, a Glock 17 9mm, a Chiappa 1911 semi .22, a 38 spl revolver and a 22 revolver) then just drop an email to kpc_armourers@googlegroups.com. this goes straight to all the armourers and they will ensure between themselves that someone brings the guns

Holster qualifiers -  kpc_holster@googlegroups.com

Lastly for those wanting to get holster qualified, or ask questions of our holster qualifiers just use the above email address. Again this goes straight to the relevant people and they will respond directly

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